Super Sic Bo

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Super Sic Bo

Live Super Sic Bo is the game for you if you want a fascinating game of chance. This product from Evolution Gaming is modeled after the traditional Sic Bo game but has a unique twist. Players must predict different results of three regular dice rolled to win. The variation from Evolution Gaming adds up the enjoyment. It is done by including an RNG element in every round, which increases player deposits by up to 1000x. Only a few things compare to the rush of seeing your expected total multiplied by 1000.

How to Play Super Sic Bo?

Choose a trustworthy online casino that provides Super Sic Bo
Players need to find an online casino that offers Super Sic Bo in its live casino section to play it. Select a reputable and authorized casino to guarantee a safe and legal gambling experience.

Set your Budget in Playing Super Sic Bo
Sic Bo is a kind of gambling, just like all other casino games, and it can quickly deplete your bankroll, especially if you’re making bets with a lower payout percentage. Consider the money you would spend on nights out to eat or a movie trip as a portion of your overall entertainment budget.

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Purchasing Chips
A player gives a dealer cash in return for chips. Never share your money with the dealer when purchasing chips, like with all table games at the casino. Place your bills on the Sic Bo table, and a dealer will take them up without confusion. In the same way, a dealer will never put chips in your hands directly. In its place, they will set them on the table before you, where you can gather them and make your wagers.

Place your Bet
On the Sic Bo table, there are chips in a bet box. Put your chips in the corresponding box to place bets on the various dice combinations listed on the table. Each variety has a specific probability of rolling, and players need to use this information to guide their wagering decisions. The payoff details for each bet, which are prominently posted on the table, can also be used to estimate the likelihood of each result. Remember that the probability of the outcome decreasing increases with the payoff odds.

Wait for the Dice to land
Three dice are used in the game of Sic Bo, which is shaken. It is turned on when a dealer pushes the table’s shaker button. Verify the dice. You turn on the dice shaker by pressing a button on the table.

Get your winnings
A dealer will distribute your prizes if the results of the Dice fall in line with one or more of your bets. To avoid placing a wager, you didn’t plan to, remove them from the table before the following round begins.

General information

Live Super Sic Bo, a three-dice game of chance, is played entirely within the player’s location. Users can place bets on the results of these dice, which are made up of numbers one through six. It improves the game’s authenticity that Super Sic Bo All is filmed in an Oriental-looking studio. Multiple recognized gaming authorities guarantee Live Super Sic Bo’s randomness and fairness. The UK Gambling Commission, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, and the Maltese Gaming Authority have granted Live Super Sic Bo licenses and regulations, respectively. Because Evolution Gaming employs highly qualified hosts, this live casino game is further improved. At the same time, as they converse with players, they guide them on how to place their bets.

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Game Features

The device that rolls the dice is the main subject of attention in the studio. The three dice are inside a glass box with a vibrating bottom. Although the device’s operation is based on a straightforward mechanism, its thrill is impressive. The fun is about to start, as the bets are closed just as the Dice finish vibrating. But only after something else takes place. The potential profits of gamers have increased up to a thousand times as a result of that something. Players’ profits are multiplied by 10x, 25x, 50x, and occasionally even by 1000 times using the Random Number Generator technology.

All of this is conducted in an entirely impartial setting. RNG technology is used to choose every outcome for the win multiplier randomly. Also, the fact that the multipliers are offered after bets have been closed ensures that results cannot be manipulated. Evolution Gaming plans multiple game aspects in a certain way to promote maximum delight in terms of excitement. The multipliers, for example, display just seconds before the result is revealed. It provides a new dimension to the traditional Sic Bo game and significantly raises player excitement.

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Video Performance

There are few cameras available for players to use in Live Super Sic Bo to view the action from various viewpoints. But the enabled ones are more than sufficient for this kind of game. The live broadcast is integrated with live cameras as well as computer-generated content. It is used to keep track of bets and display multipliers and effortlessly combines with the live camera stream.

Where to Play the Super Sic Bo

The most trustworthy and authorized website to play Super Sic Bo is on this page. This site is for you if you’re seeking a place to play this game. To get into this game right away, go to Play now, sign up, and WIN!