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Monopoly Live

The iconic Hasbro board game Monopoly combines the classic Wheel of Fortune in Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live. It implies that the Money Wheel’s live dealer portion of the game is essential. The RNG Mr. Monopoly component is simultaneously present to produce an entirely immersive experience. Monopoly Live is an endless game. It is open 24/7 and gives lucky players numerous chances to win substantial prizes. All three beneficial sections—”Chance,” “2 Rolls,” and “4 Rolls”—offer instant cash payouts for all of the numbers. The latter activates the hysterically funny 3D Mr. Monopoly feature, which may provide players with various rewards.

How to play Monopoly Live

Find a reputable online casino that offers Monopoly Live

To play it, you must find an online casino that gives Monopoly Live in its live casino section. Choose a reputable and authorized casino to ensure a legal gambling experience.

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Go to Monopoly Live after selecting Live Casino.

Once you click Monopoly Live, the Casino takes you to Evolution Gaming’s live studio, where a host manages the game.

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Place Your Bet

There are six ways to bet in Monopoly Live. There are two different bonuses and four different numbers that you can gamble on.

Spin the Wheel

The host spins the wheel. After a little while, all bets are off. Your wagers must be placed within 12 seconds.


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The Wheel Stops at a Number

If the flipper points to a number as the wheel stops, and you have a wager on that number, your bet will be multiplied by that number. Your first wager will also be returned.

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The Wheel Stops at a Bonus Game

The bonus activates when the wheel stops on one of them. You will participate if you wager on the active bonus; if not, you will only monitor.

Monopoly Live

Start of the Bonus Game

Before rolling the dice, Mr. Monopoly creates some multipliers.

Monopoly Live

Roll the Dice

Mr. Monopoly takes as many steps on the board as the total of the rolled dice. A second throw is made if a double is made.

Withdraw the winnings

The game is over; if you win, the winnings will be immediately added to your account. The next round then starts.

Monopoly Live

General information

Evolution Gaming studios spread throughout Europe transmit Monopoly Live. Their studios are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment for live casino games with 3D portions like this one. A live dealer hosts each game, spinning the wheel and interacting with players. The live dealer introduces Mr. Monopoly, and the game advances to a new level when the 3D game is started. Other features in Monopoly Live might keep players amused. Here, the live chat function is particularly noteworthy. It encourages interaction between players and allows them to express their feelings to the dealer.

Game Features

A variation of the Wheel of Fortune game Dream Catcher called Monopoly Live. Players can win significant money by predicting which field the wheel will land on. The Wheel of Fortune has 54 segments or fields of equal size. Pins separating each field cause the wheel’s rotation to slow down. The winning number is the portion on which the pointer stops. Also, 48 of the 54 fields contain the digits 1, 2, 5, and 10. The final six phases separate Monopoly Live from other Wheel of Fortune games. They have two chance fields, three fields with two rolls, and one segment with four rolls.

A cash prize or multiplier bonus is given to players when the pointer lands on the Chance segment. Mr. Monopoly gets going when the pin lands on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls. At this point, two dice are rolled as the Bonus game is initiated. According to the dice outcomes, Mr. Monopoly moves around the board. He does this while collecting the prizes that he hits. Between each game of Monopoly Live, wagering takes place. The live casino operator specifies minimum and maximum wagers, which are typically highly inclusive.

Video Performance

Monopoly Live’s video broadcast is of unusually high quality. The Mr. Monopoly section is a particular draw in the Full HD streaming of all Monopoly Live games. The older man practically leaps out of the screen to give gamers more prizes. The live studio component blends augmented reality’s fascinating world very well.

Where to Play the Monopoly Live

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