Mega Ball

Mega Ball

Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a unique, engaging, and quick-paced game show that includes one or two Mega Ball bonus rounds where you can increase your winnings by using extra multipliers. Also, getting as many lines as possible on a card is essential because the more lines you get, the more you win! To create this new game, which has all the components of an outstanding casino game show, Evolution combined the popular bingo-style game mechanics with lottery bouncing balls.

This captivating game show, which Evolution only offers, takes place in a colorful studio, which serves as the ideal backdrop for the main event. The 51 multicolored, numbered balls are kept within the specially made ball drawing machine by Evolution.
Additionally, this thrilling, quick-paced game is also straightforward to play. Players only need to decide the worth of their cards and buy as many as 200 cards per game round. As they wait with expectation for the balls picked to line up with the ones on their cards so they can potentially win, the excitement grows!

How to Play Mega Ball?

Mega Ball

Go to Mega Ball

After signing up for 6D Game, select Mega Ball. The casino will take you to Evolution Gaming’s live studio, where the Mega Ball game is shown.

Mega Ball

Select the number of cards and the card amount

The Card Value can be changed at the bottom of your screen. You must play at least one card to participate. You may play more cards. Per game, you may play as many as 200 cards.

Mega Ball

The draw of 20 balls

A Machine 51 releases balls. Also, 20 balls are drawn in a row by the machine. Rows fill up if a drawn ball matches a number on your card. You win more money the more rows are filled on your card.

Mega Ball

The Multiplier is Set

All the multipliers are spun on the big wheel. The multiplier ranges from 5x to 100x, called Mega Ball’s multiplier.

Keep waiting until the Mega Ball is pulled before activating the multiplier

The Mega Ball was drawn as the final ball. The multiplier increases your winnings if these Mega Balls occupy one or more lines. If you complete one or more lines, you are rewarded, and the next round of play begins.

General information

Evolution Gaming will stream this game from their Riga, Latvia, studio as usual. A steady, high-quality stream thus becomes possible. Considering the fast-paced activity in front of the players, it is simple to understand.

Given the incredible rewards available, you expect this game to be a huge hit. Buying cards to see the numbers appear one ball at a time! With the Mega Ball at the end, you could receive a massive payment of up to 1,000,000x. You could win some delectable rewards even without the multiplier given by the Mega Ball at the end of the game.

Game Features

The creators chose a game show theme for this version, which was a good idea. At first impression, it has a bingo-like feel. In the main chamber, numbered balls spin while, at one point, the air is blasted through a tube from the side. As you watch the action, a live dealer keeps the energy up with motivating comments. You buy cards at the start of the round. 

On a single game, you can purchase up to 200. There will be numbers on each card. Your chances of winning increase with each numbered ball that matches a number on your playing card. The game shows you your potential winnings as you get close to completing a line and highlights the necessary number in yellow.

Additionally, we can reach the final Mega Ball after 20 balls. The attached multiplier on this ball has a maximum multiplier of 100x. After 20 balls in each game, a big wheel chooses a multiplier. This multiplier can, at times, significantly boost your payout.

Where to Play the Lightning Roulette

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