Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a unique variation of the roulette game. It combines all the best features of the wildly famous European Roulette and adds something extraordinary. These fantastic multipliers are part of the RNG Lucky Number system. These can raise earnings by 50x to 500x and range from one to five Lucky Numbers. Evolution Lightning Roulette is a revolutionary extended roulette game that offers a unique player experience. It combines world-class live Roulette with cutting-edge RNG gameplay. All the standard roulette bets are available here, plus extra Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts for more opportunities to win.

How to Play Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette

Go to Lightning Roulette

Once you select Lightning Roulette, the casino directs you to Evolution Gaming’s live studio, where a host presents the game.

Lightning Roulette

Choose Your Chip Value

Multiple values of chips are available. You can play with anyone you decide.

Lightning Roulette

Place your Bet

You can place bets while the ball spins. All standard roulette wagers are available to you. A lightning number can only be chosen from the straight-up bets. Players can win up to 500 times the bet, and if they place a straight bet, their desired number turns out to be a lightning number.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Numbers are Determined

Lightning Numbers 1 to 5 are determined after each round. Those lightning figures are multiplied by up to 500 times in total.

Lightning Roulette

The Ball Stops

The ball comes to a stop. You will be rewarded if it comes to a stop at one of your bets. A new round begins after all winners have received their payouts.

Lightning Roulette

General information

Lightning Roulette is streamed live from the Riga, Latvia, studio of Evolution Gaming. The combination of RNG gaming and outstanding Live Roulette is done there. The game has been described as the most stunning Evolution Gaming creation yet, and we fully agree. The game is easily played on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device in terms of accessibility.


Additionally, it supports nearly every possible number of active players. It also has a Direct Game Launch feature, which makes it highly convenient for gamers to access. However, the main factor in Lighting Roulette’s popularity is how it combines thrills with big wins. Every Lucky Numbers payment offers a whopping 500:1 return on investment. Straight Bets’ 30:1 payout is respectable, and non-multiplied bets also pay well.

Game Features

All the components of traditional Roulette are included in lightning roulette, plus more. It offers a full range of roulette bets, a customized wheel, and a very entertaining and competent live dealer. But the game also has a Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts feature in addition to these advantages. Players can win significant multiplier rewards with these. As we just indicated, these range from 50 to 500 times your initial victory. A Straight Up wager on that number is all that is necessary for a player to win.


The best RNG technology is used to create all of the Lucky Numbers. It ensures consistency and fairness. A player still receives a satisfactory payoff even if they fail to predict the Lucky Number. It is due to the 30:1 payoff ratio of straight bets. Additionally, choices for roulette lovers include splits, corners, betting on red or black, and dozens. A player is always protected when playing Lightning Roulette because they pay out like any other regular roulette game.

Video Performance

Lightning Roulette’s high production value is one of its best qualities. You are taken inside the studio as the game practically leaps off the screen. Multiple animated components boost each spin and elevate the studio above any casino area in terms of interest. The live video stream is in Full HD, in keeping with the style of other Evolution Gaming products. 

The fact that the game is recorded and streamed as a game show contributes to the high-caliber experience that players receive. Your senses are constantly being used, and there are cutting-edge music and lighting effects. Lastly, the user interface is designed to maximize player excitement. It is in a very aesthetically pleasing black and gold Art Deco style and goes wonderfully with the game.

Where to Play the Lightning Roulette

The most trustworthy and legal website to play Lightning Roulette is here. It is the perfect site if you are looking for a place to play this game. Visit to start playing this game right away. Register now, play, and WIN!