Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

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Gonzo Live Treasure Hunt

Join Gonzo on a treasure hunt based on slot machines in our original live game show. In the wildly popular video slot Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, the Spanish explorer Gonzo has been hunting for the treasures of the legendary golden city of Eldorado. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt has become one of the most popular online slots in the world thanks to its excellent graphics, fluid animations, and thrilling bonuses. Gonzo’s most recent mission raises the bar for fun with its one-of-a-kind, personalized treasure search and potential for enormously increased rewards!

How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Decide on the number of picks and the stones to use.

Choose the stones you’ll look for on the Wall and how many Picks you desire. You can choose one stone from the Wall using each Pick.

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The Wall is Shuffled
All the values of the stones are hidden, and the Wall has been moved.

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Choose the Wall’s stones
Time to start the treasure search and choose your stones for the Wall. In the user interface, it is clear how many stones are available.

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Start the rewards drop
Once Gonzo turns the key, the Prize Drop begins, during which rewards fall, and some stones gain value.

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Display Multipliers

Prizes show up at the Wall’s peak during the Prize Drop. Bonus prizes increase the value of the hidden stones, and a multiplier will increase all readily apparent bonus values by the amount indicated. A new Prize Drop is initiated with the Re-Drop sign.

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Values of the Stones are Revealed

You can check if you won any stones and the values of all the stones on the Wall. Only the stone on which you wagered can be won.

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General information

To provide a unique online gaming experience, Evolution exploited the well-known Gonzo’s Quest narrative to build a hybrid Live Dealer/RNG slots game. In Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, you decide which reward symbols for finding and how many picks you’ll need. Although they are typically limited to a few table games, live dealer games are an exciting way to play your favorite casino games online. Evolution Gaming has continuously pushed the limits of live dealer gaming by creating a wide range of game shows and various game types. The game immediately begins after you choose a secret tile on the bonus wall, exposing Bonus Prizes, multipliers, and re-drops before revealing if the tile you chose has won!

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Game Features

You will be looking for prizes on a massive wall of 70 stones, the game’s prominent feature. Choosing stones from the Wall where Prize Drops adds excitement to the game; with supersized wins of up to 20,000 per individual stone, you will look for hidden treasures! The vital thing you should remember is the stones and picks. There are six distinct payouts that you can find, ranging from 1x to 65x your wager, hidden by the stones. You can select up to 20 picks per betting round, which you purchase with chips.

Where to Play the Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

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