European Roulette

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Live European Roulette

The pioneer of live casino games since its establishment in 2006 is Evolution Gaming. To entertain their customers, they provide an extensive range of options. Live European Roulette stands out among various entertainment options. The online live gaming experience is as authentic as it gets, with live interaction, a user-friendly design, and rich features like Autoplay, chat, and complete statistics from which players can place bets and favorite bets. 

Up to 15 favorite bets are saved in each player’s menu, which speeds up betting for all players and simplifies complex betting for experienced gamblers.

How to Play European Roulette

A Live Dealer or Croupier manages real-time streaming of the game. Players can place online bets on the table to simulate playing at a real casino table. The betting time is typically different between studio and land-based tables. Additionally, timings are controlled by the Floor Manager and Croupier at a land-based table instead of a studio table, which has a predetermined betting time frame in which you can place your bets. It’s easy to place a wager at the live roulette table. All you have to do is select your preferred stake (as long as it’s more significant than the lobby’s minimum bet), choose the wager you want to place, and click on it.

The live dealer will acknowledge your bet and lay the chips on the gaming table. However, you can make as many bets as possible when playing live Roulette. The croupier will spin the wheel after placing all bets and announcing the winning number. If your wager succeeds, you will be paid out according to the bet’s odds; however, if you lose, your chips will be taken, and your bankroll will be spent. Wherever you play, the game of European Roulette is the same. Traditional European Roulette differs from other variations by having a wheel with 37 numbers, 1-36, and a single zero.

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General information

The main Live Roulette game for gamers in Europe and abroad is Live European Roulette. It offers players the most standard and VIP tables from a single source, making it the best Live Roulette experience globally on various devices. Every table at the Evolution Live Casino is playable on any supported device.

It is flawlessly optimized for the individual device and screen size, just like all of the Evolution Live Casino games that enable mobile play. With live interaction, a user-friendly design, and rich features like Autoplay, chat, and full statistics from which players may make bets and favorite bets, the online live game experience is as authentic as possible. All player’s top 15 bets are saved in their menu, simplifying betting for everyone and explaining complicated betting for players with more experience.

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Game Features

A classic roulette game is Live European Roulette by Evolution Gaming. There are 36 black and red and one green zero pockets in it. The most popular kind of wagers that players often place are regular call bets. Players make a wager here on a specific number or color. Betting between neighbors is also reasonably common.

A participant may wager on up to eight adjacent fields or numbers. Every casino operator has a different range of bets for the live European roulette table. The most important component of this game is the favorite bets option, which remembers up to 15 favorite bets for each player. As his play quickens, this feature improves a player’s efficiency. If a player chooses this option, they can play much faster.

Another aspect of Live European Roulette is the interaction with the live dealer. Some of the best in the business, the dealers, are excellent at running the rounds. They always respond to anything you write in the chat and are polite and professional. The automated video adjustment and several sound choices are also available to players. These significantly increase the authenticity of the roulette experience.

Additionally, Live European Roulette’s recent round results are a vital component. The bottom right corner of the screen displays them. Also, many gamers need these metrics to increase their chances of winning. And the game contains hot/cold tracking based on the previous 500 games. Another good feature that looks out for the players’ interests is this one.

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Where to Play the European Roulette

The best reputable and legal website to play European Roulette will be directed to you by this article. Additionally, if you’re looking for a site to play this game, this website is for you. Visit to start playing European Roulette. Join now, play, and WIN!