Deal or No Deal

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Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live, available only from Evolution Gaming, was developed in collaboration with Endemol Shrine. It is a unique game for live casinos and a first for Evolution Gaming. Deal or No Deal Live is another exceptional, multi-layered live game that allows many online players to play and deal for a top cash reward. Through the RNG-based qualifying round, players spin a three-reel bank vault; with each spin, the amount of money in the highest prize briefcase is multiplied by 75x to 500x. The prize money in one or more of the 16 briefcases of the player’s choice is increased by random multipliers ranging from 5x to 50x once they have qualified for the prize top-up round.

How to Play Deal or No Deal Live

Choose a trustworthy online casino that offers Deal or No Deal.
Find an online casino that offers Deal or No Deal Live in its live casino section to play it. Select a reputable, licensed casino to ensure a safe and legal gambling experience.

Go to Deal, or No Deal Live after selecting Live Casino.
The Casino directs you to the game after you click Deal or No Deal Live. And you can begin playing the game you choose.

Place Your Bet
You must deposit to your account to bet real money on Deal or No Deal. After adding funds, you may now put your bet.

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Select a briefcase that you will keep
You must pick the briefcase you think contains the most money from the 26 options. You will be handed the briefcase but allowed to open it later. You can keep your initial selection or exchange this briefcase after each round. You’ll have to make a random selection because there is currently no method to determine which briefcase contains the most money.

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Choose six briefcases to open and remove from play
The first round will require you to choose six briefcases on the stairs and take them off the board. You can select these randomly, choosing your preferred numbers or selecting them entirely on your initiative since it is impossible to predict the amounts in each situation. Picking briefcases with small amounts inside is preferred because once they are taken out of play, you are no longer eligible to win that amount.


Evaluate the Banker’s offer
Your “banker” will give you an offer asking for your briefcases from you when you choose your briefcases. Don’t expect to win much money in the first few rounds because the Banker will probably initially try to offer you terrible deals. The Banker bases their offer on the amounts taken out of play and the amounts still displayed on the board. Additionally, the Banker has access to the same information that you do. Thus, they must be made aware of which suitcase contains the money.

Accept it if the offer goes beyond what’s in your briefcase
Say “Deal” if you think the Banker’s offer is better than what you would get if you opened the first briefcase you chose. The game will end, and you will receive the winnings the Banker offered. It’s important to remember that the Banker’s goal is to have you leave the game with the least amount of money possible. Ensure you don’t mistake “Deal” for “No Deal.”

Decline the offer if you believe you can win more money by playing
Say “No Deal” if you feel that the Banker’s offer is less than what is now in your briefcase. As you play additional rounds and continue to remove briefcases from play until the finish, this will keep you in the game. Also, you can choose which briefcase you want to keep for yourself if you’re going to decline the offer.

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General information

Deal or No Deal is one of Evolution Gaming’s most thrilling and exciting online casino games. Play the online version of the game show Deal or No Deal as if you were a real-life player. This popular TV show’s live internet stream enables an infinite number of players and real money play! 

Determining whether the amount of money in the briefcases will be greater than the Banker’s offer is the goal of Deal, or No Deal Live. You try to get the most money possible by accepting or rejecting the Banker’s offer. The prize money in one or more of the 16 briefcases of the player’s choosing is increased by random multipliers ranging from 5x to 50x once they have qualified for the prize top-up round.

Game Features

Deal or No Deal Live is a game split into three segments. First, players must spin a three-reel bank vault to enter the game. Players can boost the prize money in any number of briefcases during the second segment, also known as the top-up round. The magic occurs in the game’s third phase, the Deal or No Deal game show, which is hosted live. Players there make predictions about whether the amount of money in the remaining briefcases exceeds the Banker’s offer. 

Also, 16 identical briefcases are used in the main Deal or No Deal show. They are scattered at random. The numbers of the briefcases are revealed when they are opened. At this point, the Banker offers to trade the items the contestant has in their briefcase for a certain quantity of cash. The host will also pose the player the famous “Deal or No Deal” question.

Video Performance

Deal or No Deal HD video is live-streamed at all times. The game starts with two RNG segments and ends with a live studio segment. The live studio section is captured on camera from various angles using multiple cameras. Players frequently have the impression that they are in the studio as a result of this creating an incredibly immersive gaming experience. The two RNG portions introduced to the live studio are also of the best caliber. The top-up round has a highly realistic wheel, while the three-reel bank vault looks like a high-end slot machine.

Where to Play the Deal or No Deal

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