Crazy Time Live

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Crazy Time

Developed by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time is a live casino game released in the middle of 2020. Players eagerly awaited it, and it immediately became a huge hit. This game is another massive hit for the renowned casino gaming studio, following the successes of Mega Ball, Deal or No Deal, and Monopoly Live.

How to Play Crazy Time

Look for a trustworthy online casino offering Crazy Time

You have to find an online casino that gives Crazy Time in their live casino section to play it. To guarantee a legitimate gambling experience, select a trustworthy and licensed casino.

Select Crazy Time from the list of available games at the selected online casino.

The casino directs you to the Evolution Gaming live studio, where the host shows Crazy Time for all players. The studio is visible on your screen. You can wager on games at the bottom of your screen.

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Place your Bets

There are eight different bets available. You first decide how much money you want to play with. You have the option of placing a wager or more. It’s even acceptable to play them all. You must place your bets on the various numbers or bonus rounds on the game’s money wheel once you’ve entered the Crazy Time game. Choose your wager carefully by paying attention to the screen’s minimum and maximum betting limitations.

The Host Spins at The Wheel

The game host will spin the money wheel once every player has put in their wagers. The wheel is broken into various parts, each for a bonus round or number.
Set the multiplier
There are 54 segments on the wheel. The segments each receive one of the eight wagers. There are numerous number-one parts, but Crazy Time is present in just one. Every Time a top slot machine spins, a multiplier is put on the betting option if a number or bonus and a multiplier appear on the horizontal win line. The multiplier on your wager comes in if the wheel stops at that section.
The Wheel Stops

If you put a bet on a particular number and the wheel stops at that section, you win. The bonus is activated when the wheel reaches that spot. If you bet on that bonus, you get to play the bonus. You can only observe if you didn’t place a wager on that particular bonus.

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Bonus Game is Played

The winner is given their prize immediately if the wheel stops at their winning number. The bonus is played if the wheel comes to a stop at it. All winners are paid after the bonus has been used. If you won, your winnings were deposited into your account right away. The next game begins.

Repeat the Process

Crazy Time is an exciting and potentially profitable game in a live casino. You may learn how to play this thrilling game quickly by following these steps and enjoy the excitement of the money wheel and its bonus rounds.

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General information

Evolution Gaming produced the live casino game Crazy Time, released in 2020. Every match starts with a betting round when the players spin the Money Wheel while the live host spins the dice. A flapper to stop the wheel is located at the top of the wheel. The flapper marks the winning portion when the wheel comes to a stop. Winners are the bettors who selected the winning part. The game host is in a live studio with a fantastic look. You can see the studio with the big wheel in the center of your screen. The bonus games are visible all around it. Those extra games are initiated when the wheel lands on one of the bonuses.

Game Features

The wheel consists of 54 segments. If the wheel stops on the number you bet on, the multipliers on the reel will multiply your wager. 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, or a bonus game, according to the wheel. In addition, the game is played using a giant money wheel and several extra features that can result in massive prizes. Here is a guide to get you started if you’re interested to know how to play Crazy Time:

Video Performance

Crazy Time Live’s video stream is of exceptionally high quality. The 54 segments on the wheel are streamed during every Crazy Time Live round in Full HD. You will win the red multiplier if the coin lands with the red side up and the blue multiplier if the blue side is up.

Where to Play the Crazy Time?

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