Craps Live

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Craps Live

One of the most straightforward gaming concepts is found in Craps Live, where the shooter throws two sets of dice. It also offers numerous bets, which might be intimidating to casino gamers. Craps behind other games on the gaming floor due to this peculiar duality. It is most likely the cause of the fact that, up until now, there has never been a live casino version of craps. 

With the launch of Craps Live on October 29, Evolution Gaming once more announced its goal of dominating the market. Also, it is not your typical game of Craps. While skillfully resolving some of the game’s most prominent issues, Evolution managed to satisfy both beginners and expert casino veterans.

How to play Live Craps

Choose a casino that provides Craps Live, then start the game there
To simplify this process, visit our website to ensure you play live craps in the right online casino. We provide generous bonuses to new players and are entirely safe and legal. Once you’ve chosen your preferred casino website, register, deposit your desired amount, and start playing.

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Place a bet in Craps Live
We strongly recommend switching to the Easy Mode UI if you’re a new player. It is immediately possible with just one click. The interface will be simple multi-role betting after doing this. The only bets left are one-rolls and other simple wagers important to understanding the game. Click on the box for the bet you want to make, then choose how much money you want. 

Whether you’re an expert player, you can stick with the default interface and place bets by clicking once on the box with the name of the bet, then clicking once more to select the number of chips you want to bet.

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Observe the dice being shot by the mechanical arm
The dealer does not throw the dice when playing Craps Live. Instead, a mechanical arm completes the task. It’s exactly what you just read! This odd choice immediately captured our attention, but its existence represents much more than just scoring some style points.
Moreover, every time the robotic arm rolls the dice, it does so at a different speed and force level, killing two birds with one stone. 

It replicates the irregularities that arise when a dealer throws, but it also eliminates the role of people from the process. Errors thus become virtually impossible to avoid. Additionally, Evolution built Craps Live so that the dealer drops the dice into the box on the arm to increase fairness. Such a strategy guarantees complete randomness and closes all doors that could lead to game rigging.

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Watch your numbers in “My Numbers” for any potential winnings
After the dice are rolled, you can monitor the progress of your wager in the My Numbers section, which is an enjoyable addition to the Evolution UI’s consistently excellent design. You can view the status of your bet, the good numbers, and the exact amount you will win if Lady Luck is on your side in the lower right corner of your screen. It is an excellent way to stay focused on the game because you can quickly see what’s happening in the My Numbers section.

Wait for the winning result
Players may cheer and clap in Craps lives even when they aren’t placing any bets in the current roll while waiting for the results. There is also the chat area, where you can talk about roles with other casino enthusiasts and interact with the consistently friendly Evolution dealers.

General information

Craps Live is live-streamed from several Evolution studios in Riga, Latvia. However, they have opened several other European facilities to broaden their cultural influence and affect players more immediately. As a result, your Craps Live games can also be streamed live from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Malta, and Spain, among other nations. Besides, a dealer is constantly present during the gameplay. However, they have little impact. The role of the dice in the mechanical arm to ensure volatility with each roll has already been dealt with. Additionally, the game and Evolution as a whole are both regularly audited by outside parties to make sure that every roll is entirely free from any kind of interference.

Game Features

The most realistic version of online Craps we’ve ever seen is Craps Live. Although we know that this is the first live casino version of the game and that there have been countless single-player iterations, Evolution truly stunned us with this one. Furthermore, a number does not have to fall on successive rolls. By rolling the dice, you can either get the result you want or not. These are listed below:

The Field: For one bet, your goal is for the outcome to be 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Your winnings are doubled if you hit 2 or 12.
2, 3, 11, 12: You’re placing a wager on the possibility of hitting one of these numbers. While the other two numbers create a 15:1 return, the 2 and 12 pay 30:1.
Seven: Sevens are not uncommon; they can increase your bankroll by quickly paying out 4:1.
Craps: You bet that either 2, 3, or 12 will appear on the dice.
Craps and Eleven: It is also referred to as C&E, and it successfully extends the Craps bet by adding the 11 as a different possible outcome.

Where to Play the Craps Live

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