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Online Casino Best Payout: Live dealer craps is a game of craps played in real-time with live dealers. Finding live craps play is a little challenging because craps are essential to land-based gambling. It took the game-making Businesses spent a lot of time, effort, and imagination translating it into live dealer mode, but the work was worth it. 


The uniqueness of live craps online casino games is provided by brand-new, high-definition feeds broadcast in real-time by expensive studios that seek to imitate the spirit of the traditional gambling game. Live craps can thus break free from the conventional genre of land-based wagering tables due to solid technologies.


Look no further than casinolive8, the best “Casino Online Best Payout” in the Philippines, if you want to play live craps online. Right below, you can play live online craps for real money. Here experts took a step further and created a guide to help you understand online casinos. Along with actual tables, we also offer the best live dealer craps casinos, a helpful game walkthrough, and a list of the best tables.


Only some games are available because only software providers have decided to take on the issue. If they did, the attempts were unsuccessful. Therefore, we would only need to wait patiently for new games. You can attempt the digital RNG versions of the live casino tables in the interim or play the already available live craps games.

Key points to remember in playing live dealer craps online

There are key decisions to make before playing real money live craps in the Casino Online Best Payout sites. One is the uniqueness of live dealer craps, which had to undergo considerable changes to fit within the live casino environment.

The changes don’t affect the regulations but add something new. For starters, the dealer throws the dice to the table’s edge rather than you swinging them. As a way to avoid disagreement and potential disputes over the game’s fairness, Evolution uses a mechanical arm as the shooter. It will not be you tossing the dice to the other side, mechanical arm or not. If this doesn’t worry you, head over and play the thrilling live dealer casino craps!

Craps Live Key Features for the Casino Online Best Payout Site

Casino Online Best Payout

Only two live dealer craps games are available: Vivo Gaming Live Craps and the Evolution Craps Live version. Vivo Gaming introduced the first live dealer craps game before Evolution, but Evolution’s masterpiece outperformed Vivo Gaming’s table in popularity and reach. 

You only need to visit the best online casinos to play both games waiting for you. However, before wagering real money, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the game. The fundamental characteristic of this gaming type is that it is impossible to physically sit at the table because it is played in live mode. Therefore, you must let someone else roll the dice in your place.


The games are streamed from specialized studio spaces created with live craps tables in mind. The game from Vivo Gaming has two dealers, one of whom serves as the traditional shooter. Thus, Evolution used a mechanical arm tossing the dice to avoid debate and do away with gambler superstition. The following are the primary features of live dealer craps games.

• The live craps game is played in real-time.


• Players connect to the game’s live stream from a studio or physical casino lobby.


• At the table is a real dealer.


• In Evolution Live Craps, the game’s RTP has a maximum potential of 99.17%.


• Only two live dealer craps tables are available at present.


• The game accepts all common bets.


• Instead of players, a mechanical arm or dealer throws the dice.


• Live Chat allows players to converse with other gamblers and the croupier.


• Players have access to the game’s history and statistics.


How to Play Craps in the Casino Online Best Payout Site

• Pick a wager from the available options to place.

• To place a wager, enter the bet amount and click the wager. You may wager more than once if you choose.

• The dice are to be thrown once the betting period ends. Pay attention to how the dealer or mechanical arm throws the dice.

• The payout will be given to you automatically if you bet and win. As per the standard game rules, the round continues.

• The only difference between playing live craps and land-based gambling is that you are not physically present at the table. The rules remain the same even though you don’t roll the dice.


Live Craps VS Online Craps

Casino Online Best Payout

Given the game’s inherently social nature, live craps games have been challenging to implement. The action among the players seated around the table provides the game’s pleasure; without it, the game becomes monotonous. Until recently, that is what we believed. Innovative service providers like Evolution and Vivo Gaming are pushing the limits and consistently challenging the idea of what is conventional. All casino games have moved online over the past two to three years, including craps, which first appeared in online gaming and later in live dealer sections of websites.


We had various online craps games to choose from before we could watch Craps Live. Even though they are enjoyable, these games aren’t the real thing, but they have a few advantages. To begin with, players who want to take their time are a perfect match for online craps casino games. The game may be played at your own pace, which is ideal for beginners and inexperienced players.

Live craps rounds are shorter, but for a good reason—the betting phases are constrained, and the dealers need to keep the game moving. Live online casino games, however, offer social connection, which is lacking in online casino games. Players can converse with other gamblers and dealers throughout the game, an essential aspect of the overall experience. Players become more fully immersed in the game and experience the feel of a physical casino, forgetting they are watching the action on a screen.

Tips for Playing Live Dealer Craps

• Play it safe when placing bets. While some bets pay out less than others, they have better odds. Pick your wagers wisely.

• Before playing, look up game odds and the house advantage. Although it can be a very lucrative game, craps is a poor RTP example. A fantastic RTP of 99.17% can be found at Evolution Craps Live. On the other hand, the live dealer craps variation from Vivo Gaming has an RTP of 97.84%.

• Before placing a real-time bet, practice online craps. Online games are perfect for doing that! While betting with real money, gain experience playing free online craps.

• Look for a good bonus. Bonuses can be a great addition, but reviewing every online casino bonus offer is essential before claiming one. Pick a bonus with lots of money, spins, and reasonable wagering requirements.

• Casino sites with quick payouts are important. Choose a casino with a trustworthy and quick payout policy to prevent waiting days for winnings. As one of the top “Casinos Online Best Payout” in the Philippines, we suggest


In conclusion, while live dealer craps is a newer addition to online casinos, it has swiftly acquired appeal because of its real-time action, high-definition broadcasts, and interactive features. While only a few live dealer craps games are available, they provide a unique experience that is difficult to replicate in online or land-based casinos. 


Although there are differences between live dealer craps and land-based craps, the game’s rules remain the same. Players may enjoy the excitement and thrill of live dealer craps and win large with a reliable online casino, such as casinolive8, in the Philippines.