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Best Online Casino Gambling: A live host spins a huge Monopoly money wheel in Monopoly Live, a game show with live dealers. The three bonus rounds are chance, two rolls, and four rolls. The roll bonus takes you to a virtual Monopoly table where you can win big money, while the chance bonus allows you to earn a multiplier bonus. Click the PLAY button above to access the live casino section of our website and start playing MONOPOLY Live. Read our review of the game below if you’re interested in learning more:

Monopoly Live Review

Monopoly has long been a favorite among families worldwide and is the most-played board game ever. Over the years, many slots have used the traditional property speculation and development game as their background, so it is now considered almost its subgenre.

Evolution Gaming’s MONOPOLY Live is their most recent creation. Although there are numerous Monopoly Casino Slots, this game resembles their hugely famous Dream Catcher live game and Crazy Time casino game. If you’ve already played it, you know what to expect: a live casino game with a few essential changes that fans of the Mr. Monopoly board game will love. 

Additionally, the Monopoly Live casino game is live-streaming with an entertaining bonus round run in real-time by a live dealer who communicates with players via a high-definition web link. Any time of day or night, you can log in and begin playing to access the unique wheel with a Monopoly theme. You can strike it lucky on your first Monopoly Live spin and win.

The game, first introduced at the ICE 2019 event, has lifted the bar regarding what can expect from live gaming. It is worth trying to see how fantastic live gaming can get. You never know when the four-spin bonus game will activate. 

The basic premise of MONOPOLY Live is simple: participants wager on the outcome of a wheel spin based on various numerical outcomes. It has specific characteristics in common with games like roulette. However, it combines 3D virtual reality elements with cutting-edge technology, like Mr. Monopoly. Further, several extra bonuses go above and beyond the standard game, and since there is so much going on during each Monopoly Live spin, the game will never get boring.

Watch out for dice rolls that offer more chances to win and re-roll when you land doubles, precisely like in real-world game versions. Along the journey, you’ll also encounter several multipliers and gain whenever Mr. Monopoly moves a piece of property from the side of the reels.

Monopoly Live

Best Online Casino Gambling

A particular live online version of the top-rated MONOPOLY board game is called MONOPOLY Live. Simple is the main game’s objective: While the virtual MR. MONOPOLY waits nearby, ready to take action. A live game host spins the massive, vertically mounted wheel. Players identify which segment the wheel will stop at after the spin.


The Money Wheel Game

Players wager on the 1, 2, 5, 10, “2 ROLLS,” or “4 ROLLS” number they believe the wheel will stop at. If a player chooses the correct number to wager on, they will receive the matching payout (for example, 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 5 to 1, and so on). MR gives players a Chance card. Monopoly if the wheel stops on a “Chance” section. A random cash prize or a random bonus multiplier will be displayed on the card.

3D Bonus Round

Once the Bonus game starts, those who meet the requirements join Mr. Monopoly as he enters his augmented reality 3D MONOPOLY world and walks around the board collecting multipliers, prizes, and other items. A pair of dice is used to decide which way to walk. By placing wagers on “2 ROLLS” and “4 ROLLS” in the money wheel game, players are eligible for the Bonus game. Even though they cannot win any prizes in the Bonus game, players who have yet to make either of these bets can still participate in and watch it.

Extra Features of Monopoly Live in the Best Online Casino Gambling

On the money wheel, where you must place a wager on the outcome of the subsequent spin, the primary game action takes place. But in addition to the numbers on the wheel, you’ll discover that several other wheel positions can offer you some respectable wins while you play.

The first option is a CHANCE card position, comparable to the function of Chance cards in a board game. Once you land on this chance card segment, Mr. Monopoly will come on the screen to present your chance card. Depending on your luck, these deliver a random cash prize or multiplier bonus. 

Monopoly Live is so exciting to play because of this interaction between reality and virtual reality. With the opportunity to win a random cash award, the virtual Mr. Monopoly brings the game to life, making it more thrilling. In addition to the regular numbers, there is also a chance to get “2 ROLLS” or “4 ROLLS.” The main bonus round, where you can earn some of the higher rewards the Monopoly Live casino game offers, begins if the wheel falls on either of these spots.

Monopoly Live Bonus Feature in the Best Online Casino Gambling

Best Online Casino Gambling

Once the bonus game is triggered, you’ll join Mr. Monopoly in a 3D augmented reality world. It leads to a 3D Monopoly board where you can navigate through an experience more like the board game. Here, you can roll two dice to decide how to move around the board. 

Factors like passing GO, going to jail, staying in a house, or staying in a hotel will all start to matter. The bonus game is only open to eligible players, but even if you aren’t at the time it starts, you can still see what happens as it happens. Here is where you can collect some of the larger bonus game wins.

Steps on How to Play Monopoly Live

An overview of how to play Monopoly Live may be found below:

· Select Monopoly Live: Choose the Monopoly Live Casino game from the menu.
· Place your Bets: You can bet 1, 2, 5, 10, 2, or 4 rolls.
· Wheel Spin: Look over the Monopoly wheel being spun by the host.
· Win/Lose: You win if the part you bet on lands.


In conclusion, Monopoly Live is a famous casino game show that has elevated the status of live gaming to unprecedented levels. The game contains a gigantic, vertically mounted wheel turned by a live host. Participants wager on the turn’s outcome, and the game features multiple incentive rounds, such as chance, two rolls, and four rolls. In addition, the game features an interactive 3D virtual reality incentive round where players can win large. Monopoly Live provides a thrilling and engaging gaming experience by combining reality and virtual reality in a novel way. Play it with your friends here at Casinolive8!