Play Dream Catcher, one of the "Best Free Casino Games" in the Philippines

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Best Free Casino Games: Dream Catcher is another game you may play for free or real money. In, you can play for free. However, you must first make a deposit to play for real money and win.

Dream Catcher is the first thrilling game in our brand-new Money Wheel live gaming category designed to entice your slot gamers. A precisely crafted custom wheel that TCSJOHNHUXLEY manufactured just for Evolution was used to produce this aesthetically unique immersive game. A cutting-edge multi-camera studio installation with light and sound effects automatically coordinating with the game action is situated around the wheel and the live dealer.

Various dynamic camera angles and close-ups reflect the heightening thrill of their displays to provide gamers with an entirely immersive gaming experience. Throughout, the live dealer spins the wheel and engages with the players. Choose one of the following numbers as your bet: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40. If a player chooses the correct number to wager on, they will receive the matching payout (for example, 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 5 to 1, and so on). There is a chance for big winnings when using the 2x or 7x bonus spin multiplier sections.

Best Free Casino Games: Rules and Guidelines for Dream Catcher

It’s straightforward to play Dream Catcher. In the Money Wheel game, you wager on the number you believe the wheel will land on. Then the dealer spins the wheel. The leather marker on the wheel designates the winning segment when it stops spinning. The odds for each wager made on the winning number will be paid out. To play Dream Catcher, follow these three easy steps:

• The table limitations, which are prominently posted on the screen, must be adhered to by all bets. A traffic light system will show when betting is permitted (green), when it is about to end (amber), and when it is prohibited for the current round (red).

• You decide on the chip’s value before placing your bet. Following your choice of a chip, you click on the designated number in the betting area in front of the wheel to place your wager. With every extra click, you can raise your wager. On any number of the six betting places, a player may wager. A BET ON ALL option is also available, allowing you to fast place a wager that covers all bet spots.

• The dealer spins the wheel once the betting has ended. Betting begins for the subsequent game round once the winning number has been set and all winning bets have been paid out. You will then have the choice to make a new wager, double your original wager, or repeat your original wager.

Dream Catcher Payouts, Odds, and RTP

Best Free Casino Games

The payouts for Dream Catcher are simple to understand and keep in mind. Bets are paid out at one-to-one odds, and the number in the winning segment matches the odds. As a result, winning on 1 pays off at a ratio of 1 to 1, winning on 2 at a ratio of 2 to 1, winning on 5 at a ratio of 5 to 1, and so on. Along with the payout, the player also receives their original wager back.

The number of segments on the wheel varies depending on the number. With 23 yellow segments carrying the number 1, which is the number that appears most frequently on the wheel, it is a low-risk wager. The lowest rewards of 1 to 1 also reflect this. Conversely, 40 has the lowest chance of winning because it only occurs once on the wheel. However, the bet’s appeal is mainly due to its high payout ratio of 40 to 1. For the next spin, bets are locked in place by the x2 and x7 multiplier segments. Payouts are made following the paytable, multiplied by the appropriate multiplier value from the previous spin.


Game RTP

The RTP range for the Dream Catcher game is 90.57%–96.58%. 96.58% is the ideal theoretical return to player percentage (RTP). It falls into a similar RTP range as online slots as a result. Compared to traditional Money Wheel games that do not have them, introducing two multiplier segments on the wheel raises the house’s edge. Any wager will have an average multiplier of 52/54 (1.15555). In short, this means that, due to multipliers, players will ultimately earn an additional 15.55% over and above the standard payout ratios. These two sections improve the RTP to a level consistent with online slots.

Dream Catcher Bonus Multipliers

Best Free Casino Games: The two multiplier parts are a key feature of the game that offers the chance for significant prizes. All wagers are kept in place, and the wheel is spun once more if the multiplier segment—x2 or x7—lands on the wheel. All winning wagers are multiplied by 2 or 7 when the wheel stops on the winning number, depending on the multiplier value from the previous spin.

The multipliers stack if the wheel falls on a multiplier section for two or more consecutive spins. It means that the payment from the previous spin will also be multiplied. The wagers won’t change until the spin after a multiplier lands on a 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40-segment pay line.

Game Features

Best Free Casino Games

The players’ only task is to choose the number they believe the Dream Catcher wheel will land on. Once the dealer has spun the wheel, whoever chose the winning number is compensated. Each betting option includes a different number of segments, which total 54 on the wheel itself. The probability of landing is higher for lower numbers because they have more parts. It follows that when lower numbers take place, they do it with a reduced payout.
There are 6 possible numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. When you choose the correct number, you win money that matches the actual number:

• Number 1: 23 segments are paying 1:1.
• Number 2: 15 paying 2:1.
• Number 5: 7 paying 5:1.
• Number 10: 4 paying 10:1.
• Number 20: 2 paying 20:1.
• Number 40: 1 1 paying 40:1.
• 2x: 1 segment.
• 7x: 1 segment.

All wagers are held, and the wheel spins once more if the multiplier segment is encountered. The multiplier can use to the next spin’s winning number, whichever. If the multipliers appear back-to-back, the values are multiplied together and applied to the following winning number. Imagine that when the wheel falls on an x2, it spins again, and an x7 appears. The following spin in this scenario will be multiplied by x14.


As a result, Dream Catcher is a fantastic entry-level game in the world of casino game shows and an excellent pick for both beginners and seasoned pros. Anyone can get up and running fast because there are very few rules to learn, and they are indeed simple. The user interface (UI) is reasonably intuitive; pick your chips and position them where you think the numbers might appear. 


The cheerful, conversational dealers who keep the action moving, as well as the lighthearted, enjoyable ambiance, are what set it apart. You may play Dream Catcher for free or with real money as well. Play for free at But to play for real money and win, you must first deposit.