Blackjack Tips to Win in the Best Casino in Philippines

Best Casino in Philippines

In the popular blackjack casino game, you compete against the dealer. The game is enjoyable but more challenging than other casino games, like the slots. It calls for talent and at least an understanding of strategy. However, you can use primary and sophisticated strategies to increase the house’s advantage and raise your chances of winning.

Learn Basic Strategy

Learn the basic strategy! Nothing is more important for beginners. Spend some time learning about and becoming comfortable with this game.

Never play games of 6:5 blackjack

Never engage in a 6:5 blackjack wager. Always play games that pay out 3:2 or more. Blackjack games with 8 decks that pay the full 3:2 are much superior to those with just one deck that pay only 6:5.

Choose the Best Table Regulations

Do your best to find the ideal table rules. The dealer should ideally stand on “Soft 17”. Play where you can resign if you’re playing a 6-deck or 8-deck game.

Low-Stakes Games Don't Always Mean Less Loss

Playing for lesser stakes does not guarantee you will lose less money overall. You may be at a significant 2% disadvantage if you’re betting ₱200 per hand on a 6:5 paying table, which means you should expect to lose ₱400.

Don't Take Insurance

Avoid getting Insurance! No matter how much you bet or how strong your hand is, Insurance is a poor wager! Under the ace, the dealer can only get a blackjack with 4 of the 13 possible cards. That translates to a 30.8% chance of blackjack. An insurance wager is a lost wager if the payout is just 2:1. Insurance can be a wise choice in some circumstances if you’re an expert player who uses a card-counting strategy.

Dealers Are More Likely to Bust If They Have A 5, 6, Or 7

A dealer is likelier to make a hand than a bust if they have a 5 or 6. Despite the dealer revealing a 5 or 6, don’t go crazy and double your 7 or less. You can take another hit if you receive a little card. Remember that the dealer will almost always make a hand in this case.

Never Stand on Your "Soft 17"

Never take a “Soft 17” position. This hand may only push against a dealer’s 17 if you stand and cannot bust by taking a hit. It’s either a hit or a double here.

When playing for comps, choose a full table

Sit at a full table if you’re playing for comps. It will move the game slowly and let you play longer with little risk.

Avoid using the surrender option overly

Use the option to surrender sparingly. Only a 16 and a 15 are surrenderable when the dealer has a 9, 10, or Ace. It assumes you need to count cards while playing a game with many decks. If you count cards, you may be familiar with all the proper surrender plays to make the most of this excellent player choice.

Never Double 4,4

Never multiply 4,5. Unless you’re up against a 5 or 6, in which case it’s a split, this is only a hit. For some strange reason, players who would never double a 3,5 or 2,6 suddenly want to double a 4,4. Never do it! 

Additionally, you cannot double after splitting in a game with only one deck of cards, which is the only exception to this rule. When the dealer has a 5 or 6, you would only double a 4,4. Remember that most of you won’t be participating in this particular game.

Hand Related Blackjack Tips for the Best Casino in Philippines to Win

Best Casino in Philippines

• Never Split Two 10s in a Hand.
• Never Split a Hand of Two 5s
• Divide a Pair of Aces
• Split a Pair of 6s
• Divide a Hand of Two 7s
• Split a pair of 8s in hand.
• Divide a Hand of Two 9s
• Game Play for Soft Hands


Hit if you also have a soft hand with a rating of less than 17. Standing keeps you stationary, and the dealer can still hit or stand to determine a better hand, giving you a better chance to raise the value of your hand.

Game Play for Hard Hands

If the dealer has a hand value between 2 and 6 and you have a hard hand value between 12 and 16, you must automatically choose to stand. Although it is always possible, the odds of the dealer beating you with a higher hand value are slim, given the low value of his starting hand.

Learn when to Double Down

When playing blackjack, doubling down is a further option to use to your advantage. Knowing the best hands for which to use this option is the key to mastering the art of double down.

Dos and Don'ts of Playing Blackjack in the Best Casino in Philippines

Best Casino in Philippines


· Choose a game with a low minimum wager, and don’t be afraid to let the dealer know you’re new to the game. A good dealer will teach you the game and wants you to succeed; nevertheless, they cannot play your hand for you and can only offer advice.

· Sometimes, “toke” or tip your dealer in the game. Like servers and bartenders, dealers primarily rely on tips from players to support themselves. By setting a chip on the front line of your betting circle (which is printed on the table), you can place a wager for the dealer. The dealer also benefits if your hand wins since the “toke” is paid out with your wager. Additionally, you are always welcome to give the dealer a gratuity. Tipping is appropriate in all circumstances, not just when winning at blackjack.

· Most important, set a limit or goal for yourself and stop playing when you succeed it. My guideline is to stop playing and cash out if I can double my initial buy-in.


· Limit your gambling to what you can afford to lose. Set a spending limit; when it’s reached, quit gambling and take advantage of the casino’s other features, such as its shops, restaurants, and, if any are available, spa and salon.

· Even if it’s your first time, resist the urge to take instructions from other players. Everyone is free to use their hand however they see fit. Avoid letting other people intimidate you.

· Do not touch your cards or bets once the hand has begun unless you are playing a game where the cards are thrown to the players. If you require assistance in any manner, the dealer will do so.


In conclusion, this article on “Blackjack tips to win in the best casino in the Philippines” has taught you how to improve your chances of winning at the blackjack table. You will also become more familiar with this game by reading this post to create a winning strategy against your opponent and understand it easily while playing.