Casinolive8 Roulette: The Best Casino Game to Win Money Online in the Philippines

Best Casino Game to Win Money Online

Roulette has been the best casino game to win money online in the Philippines since the 20th century; it has offered casino visitors glamour, intrigue, and excitement. Having very straightforward and basic rules contributes to the game’s widespread popularity. But for serious bettors, roulette offers a surprising depth. 


The appropriate approach can also yield impressive results. Before placing a bet, read on for a brief and simple explanation of the game. We’ll review every basic to help you place your chips strategically at the table and manage your gains.

Things You Should Know to Bet in the Best Casino Game to Win Money Online

• When the dealer spins the roulette wheel, predict with accuracy which number or type of number the ball will land on.

• After the dealer clears the table from the last game, the roulette round begins. Put your Money down now on the slots you want to use.

• Start by placing a wager on “outside bets” (groups of numbers rather than single digits). These wagers frequently cost less and have a better chance of winning.

• Since roulette is essentially a game of luck, avoid using extravagant or intricate strategies. Just have a good time and be aware of when to leave.

Roulette Basics and Betting Tips in the Best Casino Game to win Money Online

Best Casino Game to Win Money Online

Know the game's components and how to win

A wheel and a table are necessary for every roulette game. Roulette has 36 numbers on the wheel and a 0 on the roulette table. The wheel and table may also have a 00 (on some American tables). 


A dealer spins a little white ball, which eventually lands on one of the numbered slots on the wheel. Put your preferred wager on the table where you believe the ball will land on the wheel. You are compensated if your slot prediction is accurate.

Discover the various "inside" wagers

You can win at roulette by accurately predicting the number or kind of pocket where the ivory ball will land. Although there are fewer chances of winning when betting “inside” (on a small set of numbers as opposed to a large group), the odds are typically higher.


• Straight-up betting
• Split betting
• Street betting
• Corner betting
• 6-line betting

Learn the various "outside" wagers.

Outside wagers use broad categories of numbers instead of individual ones, such as evens and odds, highs and lows, and reds and blacks. Put your chip on the table outside the number map to make an “outside” wager. Even though placing an “outside” wager has lower payout odds, your chances of winning are much higher.


• Color betting
• Even or odd betting
• Column betting
• Dozen betting
• High or low bets

Understand how the "house edge" affects your odds

Recognize that the “house” (the casino) always has an advantage at every roulette table (and at every game in the casino itself). The extra number 0 that the house has (which gives it a 2.7% higher probability of winning than the players) gives it an advantage. There are theories on how to increase your chances, but they are ineffective. There are some variations, though, that alter where the favor lies:


Rules that mainly benefit the players are used at several French tables. The “La Partage” and “En Prison” regulations apply to outside “even money” bets (bets that pay out 1-1, such as odd or even, black or red, low or high), as well as once the ball lands in the “0” slot.

Players only lose half of their bet under the En Prison and La Partage rules. Nevertheless, the La Partage rule prohibits bets from remaining on the table for a subsequent spin.

If a player loses, they have two options: collect half their wager under the La Partage rule or leave it on the table under the En Prison rule for the subsequent spin.

The “00” slot in American tables further boosts the casino’s edge. The house has a 2.7% edge on a single-zero roulette table. The house has a 5.26% advantage on a roulette table with an extra 00.


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